In the following steps, the technical procedure for concluding a contract via the website is described as follows:

  • Step 1 – The customer, through the booking form on the subpage, enters transport details in the 1st step, including the date and time of transport, exact departure location, exact arrival location, selects the type of transport (one-way or round trip), and selects any additional options such as waiting hours. After entering all the details, the customer clicks the “Select vehicle” button.


  • Step 2 – In the 2nd step, the customer obtains an offer for a specific vehicle through the system and selects it. As an additional option, the customer can also choose beverages and snacks, personal services, vehicle accessories, and travel cosmetics. After selecting the vehicle and any additional options, the customer clicks the “Enter personal details” button.


  • Step 3 – In the 3rd step, the customer enters personal details and, if applicable, the flight or train number. If the customer is a company, they check the “Invoice to the company” option and enter the company details and tax number. Once all the details are entered, the customer clicks the “Order summary” button to proceed.


  • Step 4 – In the 4th step, before finalizing the order or completing the purchase, the customer reviews or prints all the order details to ensure that all information is entered correctly, and then clicks the “Submit order with obligation to pay” button.


  • Step 5 – In the 5th step, before payment, the customer familiarizes themselves with the General Terms and Conditions and makes an advance payment for the service using one of the payment options (credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrencies via the GoCrypto system).


After the order is placed, the customer will receive an “New order” confirmation to the email address provided in the order.


If the payment is successfully processed, the order status changes to “Confirmed Order.” If the payment is not processed, the order status changes to “Rejected Order.”


The general terms and conditions are always available before, during, and after the order at the following link: