Besides standard rides, we also assure you the top class VIP services – rental of high-class vehicles with a bodyguard driver.

At the same time we make sure everything there is about the transport logistics, comfort and safety of all passengers on every necessary stop and within the leased time period.

Target group


Family disputes, divorces and threats by third party. All this can be affect the safety of the individual and his or her family. Take care of your safety and safe transportation to work and your child to school.


Have you ever filed a lawsuit against a customer and now you are being threatend by him? Do you carry any confidental documents? Let the bodyguard driver take care of your transport logistics while protecting you from potential threats.


Appearances, concerts, meetings. Physical integrity, prevention of harassment and distance from fans. The answer to these needs it is a bodyguard that also offers you comfortable and discreet transportation of you and your team and security before, during and after event.

Foreign ambassadors

Foreign country, foreign people. Unknown language, unfamiliar enviroment. The transport logistics of the ambassador may be taken over by a bodyguard driver who, in addition to transport, also provides security

Prosecutors and judges

Defendant’s threats to prosecutors, judges and their family members. During risky court hearings, take care of your own safety and of your loved ones. Have a bodyguard driver arrange your transportation and safety on the way to court or your children to school. Concern for the impact of threats on fairness the trial will be superfluous.


If you do not have your credit card, you can do so with a third party card if you have permission to use it by the cardholder whose name is on the card.

There are several possible reasons why your card might be declined:
– Your card has expired and is no longer valid
– You have reached the credit limit on your card and have used up all available credit

No worries. Using the software, we regularly monitor your flight status based on your flight number. Thus, we can depart at the point of landing at the time that will be the best according to the time of your landing, and upon our arrival at the airport, the transfer price (at the pickup location at the airports) also includes a 60-minute waiting time for the driver free of charge.

Your driver will be informed of your flight status at all times and will arrive at your time, regardless of the time of your landing. offers transport services with known fixed prices, so you can anticipate your transportation costs in advance, regardless of any changes to the route that is scheduled for transport or due to the condition of the roads if the transportation could take longer.

The reservation form shows the estimated travel time, which means that this time is calculated according to the current road conditions, which may at any time be unpredictable, so the time in the reservation form may deviate from the actual transfer time according to the road conditions, which will be on the day of the transfer.

The driver will come after you to the agreed location, which you have entered in the Booking form, so it is recommended that you enter the destinations as accurately as possible (not eg the city itself). If the transfer involves departure from the airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport with your name on it.

You can choose from vehicles that are available and not occupied during the selected period. Our fleet includes business class, luxury class, business van and luxury SUV.

You can choose from vehicles that are available and not occupied during the selected period. Our fleet includes business class, luxury class, luxury van and SUV.

You can make your reservation for standard services online using the reservation form located at, where you first choose between “DISTANCE”, “HOURLY” or “FLAT RATE” , enter the appropriate date, time of departure, place of departure, place of arrival, type of “One way” or “Return” and any additional hours for scheduled stops, except for the HOURLY hourly rental, where stops are already included in the hourly rental with drivers. Follow the reservation form, which, based on the information you enter in the second step, shows you the transfer prices for each vehicle available on that day. You choose the vehicle. If necessary, you also select additional orders in the “Extra orders” segment, then proceed to the next step, where you enter your information and make the final payment. After confirming your reservation, you will receive the Booking Confrimation Booking confirmation via the email you provided.

If you select “Protected VIP transfer”, the reservation can be made in the first page segment under the heading “Protected VIP transfer”, where the “Send inquiry” button is located. At the touch of a button, you access the Secured VIP Transportation detail page, where you fill out a questionnaire and submit it by pressing the “Send inquiry” button. You will receive an offer on the e-mail address, based on the submitted data from the form, within 24 hours, with a calculation based on the assessment of the threat and the extent of the security and the extent of the transfer. A reservation is confirmed if a payment of 100% of the prepayment is made within the validity period of the offer.

If you have lost your booking confirmation, please contact us at and you will receive a new booking confirmation.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, you can contact us via the contact form at or via email

Once you have entered all your required information to process your reservation and when the last step payment is made, your order is in progress. Processing takes a maximum of 12 hours. Reservation is confirmed when you receive a “Booking confrimation” confirmation to your e-mail address. Please carefully enter the correct email address that you have access to. Unless you have received a booking confirmation “Booking confrimation”, also check the spam folder. If you find one there, please contact us at so we can find a solution together.

If you choose a Point-2-point transport, the door-to-door shuttle service (except for emergencies: restrooms, breaks, etc.) or stops as defined in the booking form – Waypoint and additional services purchased hours. However, when choosing an hourly driver, the stops can be unlimited as you wish.

When you complete your booking with standard services, you will receive an SMS with the booking status indicated on the phone number you provided and a booking confirmation “Booking confrimation” to the email address you provided. It may take up to 12 hours to process the information and send the booking confirmation.
In the case of secured VIP transports, the confirmation of payment of the offer with the reference number given on the offer shall be considered as a booking confirmation. Just in case, we will also send you an email when we receive funds to your account to confirm your reservation.

Pets are not allowed in vehicles.

Smoking is not allowed in vehicles.

Under the Excursions Excursions section, we also offer trips that are carefully planned in advance, either in the reservation form “FLAT RATE” or with the help of the form you can design your own tailor made and according to your wishes.

We are happy to provide transportation for people with disabilities, but only without a wheelchair, because unfortunately our vehicles do not have a wheelchair.

Children under 15 years of age should not travel without parental supervision. However, adolescents between the ages of 15 and 18 must have at least written consent from their parents. If your transport also includes a child seat, please let us know in good time.

No extra charge for passenger luggage. When booking, a luggage icon is displayed for each vehicle and the maximum luggage capacity allowed by the vehicle. If the number of luggage is within the available capacity of the vehicle, then there is no problem. Otherwise, let us know so we can resolve the situation at the right time.

You will receive your invoice immediately after your credit card payment is made, or after an offer has been made, when the reservation has been completed in full or the payment after the offer has been paid via the Booking Form. You will receive the invoice via the email provided in the booking form “Booking form”.

No. If you would like to give a tip to the driver, we leave it to you completely.

STM drivers are professionals with years of experience in transportation and security. Drivers are regularly trained in business etiquette, protocol, safe and specialist driving.

The fare is always per vehicle and not per person. The type of vehicle is selected by the number of passengers. (For example, if there are 5 passengers, this would require a van rather than a passenger car).

Standard (airport, point-2-point, hourly, excursion, business, private) can be paid by credit card in the last step of the Booking Form. If you do not have a credit card, you can also pay by e-mail.
Secured VIP transfers can only be paid upon an offer within the validity period of the offer. All payments are made with 100% advance payment.

The standard fare includes one transfer from the pickup point to the destination, including chartered hours, except for the hourly hire of the driver, where all hours purchased also include an unlimited number of stops.
The price of the protected VIP transport includes both the transport as well as the planned stops and the security of the protected VIPs in accordance with the security plan and the offer.

Thanks to SSL “Secure Sockets Layer” security certificate at, all your information you enter when paying for a reservation is completely secure and encrypted.

If you do not have a credit card, we can send you a quote. In order to confirm the reservation, an advance payment of 100% of the amount must be made within the validity period of the offer and with the payment reference number.

Standard fare is payable at the rate of 100% advance payment in the last booking step on the Booking form at, by credit card or PayPal.
Secured VIP services are payable at the rate of 100% prepayment after the offer within the validity period of the offer and with the reference number of payment indicated on the offer.

After canceling your reservation, you will also receive a voucher with a code for the amount of the paid reservation, which you can use the next time you book. The code is valid for 1 year from receipt.

Upon receipt of your cancellation message, we will send you a cancellation confirmation email to your email address.

You can cancel your reservation in writing by emailing us at

In our company we provide the highest level of VIP services, namely the possibility of renting a higher-end vehicle with a driver bodyguards. Such transport is used daily by the highest state representatives (the Prime Minister, the Republics, the National Assembly, the Ministers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defense), who are ex officio protected by the police. As our company strives to make secured VIP transfers accessible to everyone, they are also available to us in the private sector.

All bodyguard drivers are trained and licensed by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia and receive regular training in safe and specialist driving, martial arts, firearms, first aid (with emphasis on the care of gunshot and stab wounds) and protocol. The task of the bodyguard is to protect the life, physical integrity and integrity of the protected persons. He does his job in civilian clothes. He has the right to carry a firearm and to use measures under Article 45 of the Private Security Act ZZasV-1.

Due to the specific nature of the work, secure VIP transportation requires security planning, which depends on several factors, namely:– the number of persons or delegations protected, the level of security, the threat assessment, the type of vehicles selected and other circumstances. Depending on the scope of the security, the level of risk and the risk assessment, one or more vehicles that form a security column – alien called “Motorcade” – can be included in the VIP security.

The main purpose of the safety column is to protect the main vehicle with other vehicles. In the private sector, in most cases, VIP or VIP vehicles use one or two vehicles (main and defense) and several medium and high risk cases.

All safety column vehicles are technically preventive, wiretap and bomb proof.

Secured VIPs are secured from the pickup location to the destination, including the route and all stops

How to get an offer

Since this a specific service above the standard procedure we treat it individually considering the magnitude of security you need. Help us get what you want by filling in the form. You can expect an offer within 24 hours.