Company name: STM d.o.o.

Full company name: STM, varovanje in prevozi, d.o.o.

Company name in English: STM Ltd.

Full company name in English: STM, security and transport management, Ltd.

Company headquarters:: Koroška ulica 13C, 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenija

Registration number: 8475237000

Tax number: SI 62428403


Authorized person: Jan Stare, direktor

Share capital: 7500 EUR

Establishment: The company was established at the District Court of Kranj, File No.: 2019/29668

Bank Account: SI56 0284 3026 3122 380 opened at NLB d.d.

Foreign Bank Account: LT803250038848740450 opened at REVOLUT BANK UAB, LITVA


Main Activity: 49.391 (Interurban and Other Intercity Passenger Transportation)

License for Business Activities: Passenger Transport in Domestic Road Transport

License Number: G010925 / 08562

Issuer of the License: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia


Company webpage:

Company e-mail address:

Company and booking phone number: +386(0)40/841-841